I am just trying to make sense of it all, really. I love to read and learn, as I am a extremely curious person. I also love to write, although I do not have a degree or PHD, I am just someone who is passionate, and willing to dig deep into topics that spark my interest. I want this blog to be a place where I share my knowledge, philosophies and personal experiences/lessons. I primarily read about health, particularly fixating on the gut, and the effects the microbiome can have on several biological factors, and how in interrelates with other organs, biological functions, and specifically the brain. Human biology fascinates me, and I would love to write and expand on these topics. The gut in particular is incredibly underrated and needs more credit for all the functions it plays major roles in. I also believe it is something we need to be more aware of. So this blog is my way of ranting about what I love to learn. I will also be incorporating lifestyle elements, as I have strict regimes and also experiment with products and supplements, which might be a great resource to refer to if you are also interested expanding and learning more about yourself.

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Traveling the world currently, learning through experience and never staying stationary.